Posters are printed full color on one side of a sheet of paper. Standard poster stock is 100lb c2s text as it is slightly thicker than other text weight stocks and is seem as a better quality product. These are intended for display, phone pools, billboards and the alike.


Product Type: Bright 100lb Glossy Text Stock, Bright 100lb Glossy Text Stock with UV, Bright 100lb Glossy Text Stock with Matte Finish, 100% Recycle Paper 80lb Text Stock

  • Colour : Printed full colour 1 side (4/0) or 2 sided (4/4) CMYK
  • Quantites : Range from 50 to 25,000
  • Finished size available: 12"x 18", 18"x24", 19"x27", 24"x36"
  • Finishing: Cut to size and box.
  • Accepted File Type: PDF