SEO Organic - Gold

This offers a robust building of off-page content and monthly blog publication for small businesses that are ready to expand their online reach.

Key Features

  • Recommended Campaign Length: 6 Months
  • Keywords Targeted: Up to 20 Keywords
  • Keyword Group: Maximum of 4
  • Monthly Search Volume (2,000 per group): Up to 8,000 (total for all keywords)

Key Points

  • 93% of online experiences start with a search engine
  • 75% of online users never click past the first page of the search results
  • 33% of clicks happen on the first result

The Process

Site Assessment and Intake

We audit your client's online presence, gather information about your client's goals.

Keyword Research & Roadmap Creation

We research the best keywords for your clients to bring the fastest and most effective results. You approve our keyword recommendations that target your client's audience and drive revenue

On-Page SEO

Extensive on-page optimization including Google tools, copywriting, tags, headers, meta data, and URLs.

Off-Page SEO

Blog posts, press releases, and offline articles for link building written in your style and for your approval.

Reporting & Link Building

Monthly Executive Summary Reports and continued link building through off-page article submission.


Below are the key access requirements we need to effectively start the campaign. We strongly recommend at the end of the pitch to the client, to request for access while preparing the contract. Here are the access requirements:

  • Access to Website Admin
  • Access to Website CPanel (if available)
  • Access to Search Console (if already existing)
  • Access to Analytics Account if already existing
  • Access to Google Tag Manager (if already existing)
  • Access to directories where the client already published listings