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Pitbull Decals is dedicated to wonderful Pitbull named Brock

This was a great dog named Brock.

We rescued him from the street, he really choose us when he passed out, on our front lawn. Brock, was dehydrated, very thin, flea infested, unneutered and hungry. With a small Westy Poo, we were not keen on bring him in the house, due to brain washing by the media as to how Pitbulls would kill other dogs.

So we called the SPCA, only to be told they would not adopt them out and to take him there was a death sentence. So we packed him up and took him to Beattie Animal Hospital for care and kenneling, until we could find the owner.

After lots of signs and leg work, we were in Pet Valu, and the owner asked his coloring and told us if it was the same dog, he was probably better off, as the original owner left him chained up outside and mistreated him. Brock was always terrified of dish towels.

So we packed the Westy Poo off to my parents to see if we could re-habilitate him ourselves. After two weeks, Brock was well established in our home other that separation anxiety. If we both left he would scratch at the doors and he shredded a door and trim. We then brought the Westy Poo (Morgan) back to introduce to Brock. Morgan was a very dominate female, so we had great misgivings about it.

After a few hours of growling and snarling, mostly on Morgans part they were on the couch together napping. Quite offten she slept curled between hs legs. The bond formed and Morgan became the top dog and could even growl him off his food. They became best friends and the separation anxiety disappeared. He was a new dog.

After the birth of our daughter, people we constantly telling us we needed to get rid of Brock as he was such a danger to her. Brock loved with all his heart. When she was on the floor he had to have one part of him touching her at all times. His leg would stretch as she crawled away, until he would have to get up and move to stay with her. She pulled to stand on his face, to receive a lick, drop back to sitting and then do it over again.

Unfortunately Brock got prostate cancer and it metastasized to his other organs. Other than tired and peeing all the time he continued to live his life to the fullest. On his passing, Morgan who was already old gave up on life and was gone withing 6 months.

He was a wonderful dog, and if the Ontario BSB (Breed Specific Ban) is repealed, I would again get a pitbull.