Social Media Marketing - Starter

Get started with Social Media Marketing. Includes profile and tracking setup for Facebook, as well as content generation for Social Media channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Key Features

  • Recommended Campaign Length: 12 Months
  • Profiles Setup: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Number Of Posts Per Month: 8 (published on Facebook, Cross-posted on Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • Maximum Boosts Per Month: 8 (content will run as sponsored posts with placements on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook's Audience Network)
  • Available Objectives: Page Promotion, Brand Awareness, Traffic, Engagement, Lead Generation
  • Number of Hyper-targeted Audiences: Up to 5
  • ***Please note, this Social Media Monthly Package does not include paid promotions budget for boosted posts. We recommend an additional minimum of $100.00USD for the purposes of boosting posts.

Key Points

  • Facebook is the biggest social media network that sits at 2.2 billion monthly active users
  • Over 50 million businesses are activated on the Social Network giant, with higher relevancy for professionals in LinkedIn
  • More than 450 million people shop on Social Media networks every single day

The Process

Social media assessment

We audit your social media pages and give initial recommendations to improve their visibility.

Social media playbook Creation

The tone of voice to use, the products to talk about, and the brand persona will be established here. This will contain the audience profile and projected reach and results of the boosted posts based on the given budget.

Social Media content plan and calendar creation

The playbook will be updated every month to serve as a calibration tool and includes the content roadmap and calendar.

Page and BOOSTED POST monitoring

Your pages will be checked every day for comments and messages. Facebook ads will run throughout the campaign cycle.

Social Media Insights

Monthly Reports include analysis of the cycle's results and recommendations for the next cycles.


Below are the key access requirements we need to effectively start the campaign. We strongly recommend at the end of the pitch to the client, to request for access while preparing the contract. Here are the access requirements:

  • Employee access to Facebook Business Manager (if available)
  • Admin Access to Facebook Page (if already existing)
  • Advertiser Access to Facebook Ad Account
  • LinkedIn Company Page Access
  • Twitter Credentials
  • Brand Guidelines (if any)
  • Product or Service Photos (if any)